A Farewell…

Maybe you are all aware by now; our Performance director Stuart Horsepool left the National Ice Skating Association on Friday.

His successful career has span over many years. He has been an athlete, coach, head coach and performance director for GB short track. It will be very hard to match his passion,  there will be a big change within the team with out him, i don’t believe it has fully sunk it yet.

He has been a part of changing the face of this winter sport and helped bring us many successes. I hope he leaves proud of all his accomplishments from the medals he won personally to the medals he contributed to. I would like to take this opportunity to wish him the very best in future endeavours.

As he would say “its moving day” so “lets get ready to rumble”11304206_10153290350383913_609440651_n



So here she is, the adult kick scooter SWIFTY ONE… my new favourite wheels. Not quite as fast as my ice skates but a much more comfortable and safe ride. Very grateful to Swifty Scooters; thank you for having me on board! 

Waiting for moving day then this will soon be my warm up ride to training; scoot commute. Beat the traffic.  
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One dream, One team

The goal- to be the first ever GB short track female team to qualify for an Olympic games. #thesegirlscan

After narrowly missing out in Sochi 2014… we are now 3 years away from our end goal and possibly my last chance to be a part of this momentous opportunity.  The journey and preparations begin now.

Meet the team

The pranksta gangsta aka Elise Christie, the medal winner on all stages with the incredible talent to back it up. @Elise_Christie

The fun sized warrior Kat Thomson. The up and coming super star.

The fountain of knowledge that is JP! Jennifer Pickering … the newest/youngest member and sweetest person i’ve ever met.

… and Moi! @cpgilmartin

I hope to blog the journey here through my pictures and videos.  It is now week two into the season and the girls finally have their own fresh changing room. Now is time for the hard work to begin. Keep you posted.